Playoff Projections

The HDH Playoff Projections return for the seventh season.

For the seventh season, things had to change with the new playoff format. You can learn about those methods here.

There is a key for all the abbreviations below the table. Recency of update is indicated in the spreadsheet. Use the tab at the bottom to access other divisional data.

# — Current playoff seeding according to AHL playoff rules
TM — Team name
GP — Games played
CP — Current points
PTS Points percentage

#1-8 — Wins (or losses in negative) required to achieve that position.
MP — Max points percentage, based on current points and games remaining


  1. Fantastic work Stephen. Dreary outlook for the Stars - that required win % is depressing - but you never know


  2. Really interesting how close the race is for the #8 spot, with seven teams projected within two points of the 86-point cutoff... and four right at 86. Should be an exciting finish (not so much for Texas fans) to the playoff race.

  3. It is not possible for Charlotte, Houston, or Oklahoma to take 2nd or 3rd, since Texas has taken the division.

  4. The Texas Stars are actually "mathematically eliminated" from positions 4-8, as well. If they didn't win another game, they couldn't fall below 3rd.


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