Brent Krahn on ice, practicing in Dallas

Andrew's Dallas Stars Page reports that the Saturday practice saw Texas Stars goaltender Brent Krahn on the ice practicing with Stars goalie coach Mike Valley. He is expected to practice there until Monday and return to Austin. He is hoping to return by the end of the month. Here's the quotation from Mark Stepneski at Andrew's Dallas Stars Page:
After the Stars skate, Texas Stars goalie Brent Krahn, who is recovering from sports hernia surgery, hit the ice for some workouts with goalie coach Mike Valley. Krahn will be in Dallas for a couple more days and then will head back to Austin on Monday. Krahn, who has been out since late November, is hoping to be back by the end of this month.


  1. What's your ultimate take on this Stephen? I think us Stars fans have made the mistake of thinking that in Austin we have a two-goaltender system going on, when in fact we don't- Climie is #1, plain and simple, and we should expect him to get the majority of the starts. Ford is filling the back-up role, getting great exposure in the process, but considering Climie is a Dallas prospect (Krahn too I think) there's no reason to believe Ford will be around when Krahn comes back. Nor is there any reason to think Ford will get the bulk of the starts until then, unless Climie falls to pieces again.

  2. It sucks for Todd Ford because he's done a pretty great job, but yes. With Krahn out, Climie is #1 because the AHL's primary role is a development organization and he's the guy under contract to Dallas. The system at the beginning of the year was more of a 2 goalie system, with Krahn and Climie splitting starts. Ford will land on his feet with the performance he's put up for Texas.


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