More errors on lineup card from Peoria game

Remember that ridiculous lineup card situation on Sunday? The Peoria paper's "Cleve's World" blog has at least a partial screenshot of the card, which reveals a total of four errors on the card.
  • Gazdic misspelled as Gadzic. Gazdic was ruled ineligible after 5th minute of play.
  • Wathier's number incorrectly listed as 40, when it is 38. No action taken by Peoria.
  • McCulloch misspelled as McCullouch.
  • Fortunus misspelled as Fortunas.
I do wonder though if this happens every night and perhaps the Rivermen were just the first team that were desperate enough to do anything about it.


  1. Wow, seriously? Way to make us look like a bunch of clowns...who's responsible for filling it out, anyway?

    Dear Texas Stars,

    I hereby submit my application to travel with you to away games and make sure our names and numbers are correct. No compensation is necessary, simply cover my travel costs.



  2. Who's job in general is it on any team to fill out the game card? My understanding at the NHL level was that it was the job of the coach, as mundane a task as it may seem. So let's get some handwriting samples from the coaching staff and match it up.

    Kidding. Well only kidding because I don't have the samples. Now, had you asked me that night, I don't know that I could have spelled Fortunus with a U, or that I would have remembered the Ms and Cs of Scott's last name. But Gazdic's name is only difficult if you can't pronounce it, but if you can, then no problem. And listing Wathier under Tousignant's jersey # is bizarre. I might attribute any one error to sleep deprivation, but four?

  3. Oh my God I mean "Whose". That really was an accident.

  4. Thanks guys for the comments. Getting more information from the team now on whose responsibility it is and whether or not this is a common occurrence that the Rivermen called us out on or if this is truly rare.

  5. Check out my new blog post on the issue. Things like this happen all the time, as I postulated. However, teams almost never call other teams out on it.


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