Climie, Peters leave via free agency, two defensemen signed

The Stars have lost two from their inaugural squad to the glitz and glamour of free agency. Earlier today, it was announced that center Warren Peters has been signed by the Minnesita Wild to a two year deal. Chances are he will spend most of his time in Houston. Goalie Matt Climie will be heading off to play Hundred-and-Twenty Degree Hockey in Phoenix. Climie is on a one-year, two-way deal. The Coyotes already have Jason Labarbera on a one-way contract to backup Bryzgalov, so Climie might spend some good time in San Antonio.

Yesterday, Dallas signed two defensemen to two-way ELCs (entry level contracts). Severin Blindenbacher, out of Switzerland, will likely play for the Stars in Austin. Here are his stats. Additionally, the Stars signed Jace Coyle out of the WHL in a depth role. Both seem to have decent offensive numbers. Mark Stepneski at Andrew's Dallas Stars Page has already commented on the similarities between Blindenbacher and Philip Larsen, who will both be in Texas in 2010-11.


  1. I guess this is the life of the AHL fan. Well look, if anyone thinks that Climie gets a free pass from the taunting in section 104 when he comes to town with SA, they would be wrong. I'm gonna hate to do it, but it's gonna have to be done.

  2. That should make hockey even better, when one knows the goalie real well!


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