Quick Hits with Colton Sceviour

Colton Sceviour skates with the puck in Game 7 of the West Division Finals series against the Chicago Wolves (Photo credit: Chris Jerina)

Colton Sceviour was also out at development camp this past weekend. I got a chance to catch up with him briefly. Here are some quotes:

On his first season in the pros:
"Going in as a rookie, you never know what to expect. Going to the finals, that was unbelievable. It was a great feeling."
On his line in the playoffs:
"I really like [Benn and Gagnon]. They're really easy guys to work with. Very smart, very skilled guys, made the game really easy, I think. We had a fair amount of success."
On his goals for next season:
"Obviously coming into the season, my goal is to play in Dallas. I want to be more of an offensive guy. I put up decent numbers personally for my first year. Be more of a specialty teams guy. I've seen a little bit of penalty kill throughout the season and a little bit of power play. I want to make that a regular thing for me. I want to be trusted in all situations."
On living in Austin, Texas:
"I love the city. The weather's unbelievable. If I'm back there again next year, that's no problem. The city has so much to do and so much to see. We went out to Lake Travis there one of the last days after the season ended. It's like bath water out there. You jump in expecting a little bit of a rush and it's warm. It's nice. The whole area was unbelievable."


  1. The Benn-Gagnon-Scevior line was dynamite in the playoffs. Best example of their hard work occurred in game 7 against Chicago in OT; the highlight clip we've all got favorited excludes the play right before the puck wound up on the short boards; it was Colton whose aggressive forecheck forced the puck back around the net, and it was his continued puck pursuit that helped free up Jamie for the quick shot.

  2. Colton has dobe an amazing job this year. He has improved majorly and when he gets the puck, he knows what to do with it. He's not afraid to get hit or hit someone and he's not afraid to take a chance with the puck. If he makes a mistake, he knows what he did and will just work harder to make sure he doesn't do it again. Colton is my all-time favorite player and has totally gotten me more into hockey and the Texas Stars. He is such a sweet guy and makes time for his fans. I asked if he wouldn't mind taking a picture after a game for my birthday and he ends up bringing me a stick, thats signed and personalized. I really hope he goes far in his career in hockey and keeps up the good work (:

    -Taylor Jackson


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