Wednesday, December 8, 2010

D Mark Fistric Sent To Texas On Conditioning

According to the always punctual Mark Stepneski, Mark Fistric is on his way to join the Texas Stars in Rockford for tonight's game against the IceHogs.

Fistric, who has been battling a groin/hip flexor injury, is with Texas on a conditioning assignment. A conditioning assignment is a special exception to the transfer rules between the NHL and AHL for players recovering for injury. It is covered by section 13.9 of the CBA:
13.9 Bona Fide Long-Term Injury/Illness Exception Conditioning Loan.

A Player who is on the Bona Fide Long-Term Injury/Illness Exception as set forth in Article 50 may, with his consent, during the term of such Bona Fide Long-Term Injury/Illness Exception (but in no event during the first fourteen (14) calendar days and six (6) NHL Games), be Loaned on a Conditioning Loan (the "Bona Fide Long-Term Injury/Illness Exception Conditioning Loan") for a period not to exceed up to the longer of six (6) days and three (3) games, solely for the purpose of determining whether the Player is fit to play.
The worst part of this for Stars fans is that last sentence. Fistric may not play in more than 3 games without an extension, which we'll get into if it happens. This means we won't see him at home.

Fistric is a strong lockdown D-man who is a great plus/minus player. He'll be a great addition for the Stars over the weekend.

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