Stars Add Colorado College's Stephen Schultz

Texas has signed Colorado College's Stephen Schultz to an ATO this morning. Schultz is a forward who has completed his four years of college eligibility and now joins Richard Bachman and Scott McCulloch as fellow CC Tigers on the team. Schultz played with Bachman and McCulloch in his freshman and sophomore years.

The Westbury, NY, native has attended prospect camp with the New York Islanders, as chronicled in this article from the Westbury Times. His Tigers just finished a great season with a tough loss to Michigan in the NCAA Men's Hockey Tournament.

Schultz's full stats are listed on his page. He became the first Colorado College player to be named a WCHA Player of the Week this season amid 45 points in 43 games.

Schultz will wear #14 for the Stars and could be available for tonight's game against Chicago.


  1. He is going to feel great about himself looking up into the stands and seeing half the crowd wearing his number...

  2. I figured that's why Bonk took the number. I noticed he's with Allen now.

  3. Hey there, I wrote the article on Steve, glad you found it and linked. He's a great kid, comes from a great family and will do great things for the Stars. All the best, Cory.


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