Dallas Assigns Five to Texas, Cuts One

Mathieu Tousignant was among five players assigned to Texas today. (Credit: Ron Byrd)
Dallas continued with assignments, cuts and waiving players today as five more were sent down to Texas to begin camp with the AHL squad tomorrow.

Defensemen Hubert Labrie, Jace Coyle and captain Brad Lukowich were among those assigned. Brad Lukowich had to pass through waivers based on his veteran status but cleared this morning without a hitch. Forwards Ondrej Roman and Mathieu Tousignant were also assigned. The Dallas Stars cut Stephen Schultz loose from his tryout with the NHL club, but the young forward will spend the season on a standard player contract (SPC) with Texas.

In addition to these assignments today, Dallas previously placed seven players on waivers over the weekend. All of those players cleared this morning at 11 AM CST and most are expected to be assigned to Texas sometime in the next few days. Those players include Maxime Fortunus, Eric Godard, Travis Morin, Ray Sawada, Dan Spang, Francis Wathier, and as previously mentioned, Brad Lukowich.

The only question mark for me in this list is Eric Godard. He could stay in Dallas with Tomas Vincour being assigned instead to Texas. The thought on that move is that Godard would need to go through waivers to be assigned later in the preseason anyways, so the team would rather have him on waivers early when fewer roster spots are available for other teams to pick him up. Now that he has been through waivers once, he will be exempt from them for the rest of the preseason at least, if not longer.