Around the League: Summer of Change for Texas Stars

Not a whole lot going on right now for Texas, but here's what I've got for the past week.

For the Texas Stars, this is going to be a summer of turnover and changes. We already saw that on the first day of the off-season as Texas fired coaches Pyle and Truitt. Many of the front office staff are also moving on this summer, whether by choice or not.

Matt Clinkscales, who has been responsible for the visual look of the Stars website, printed materials, etc, and also for game operations, decided to move on to Electronic Arts this off-season. He blogged on the topic and posted some pretty great "historical" photos that Texas fans should see. You can check that out here.

  • The Calder Cup Finals kick off tonight in Hampton Roads. It's the injury ravaged Marlies against the Norfolk Admirals. Norfolk is 39-3 in their last 42 games. Wow. I'm going with Norfolk for the win, probably in 6, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were less.
  • This came across my Twitter searches this morning. It's a blog that is creating the center ice artwork for minor league teams online. Texas's is pretty accurate, I'd say. [Frozen Minors]
  • Jamie Oleksiak, who will be with the Texas Stars next season, gets a mention in this article as the poster boy for what is wrong with the CHL-NHL transfer agreement. I don't disagree with what he did to make it to the AHL early, but I do think that it would be good to re-examine the system. [The Hockey News]
  • Ian Herbers decided to leave the Milwaukee Admirals for a plum job in the CIS (Canada's NCAA) coaching Alberta's Golden Bears hockey team. That leaves three AHL jobs unfilled: Milwaukee, Texas and Adirondack. In addition, one open NHL job has already been filled by a non-AHL coach, Calgary.
  • The Mississauga St Michael's Majors are now the Mississauga Steelheads. Check out the logo, which is pretty much the same as the Idaho Steelheads logo with the exception of a maple leaf embedded in the letter "A". Apparently Mississauga is in the Credit River Valley, so why not the "Repo-Men" or something? Just a thought. []
  • No word on the Cedar Park Center's naming rights search, but the Bradley Center is now the BMO Harris Bradley Center. They now share a sponsor with the IceHogs' arena. No indication if they will be involved in a "BMO Harris" Cup. [Milwaukee Business Journal]


  1. St. Mike's should've been the Mississauga Package Deliverers or something given Mississauga's centrality for all the shipping companies :).

  2. Sucks about Clinkscales, but the link to his blog was great, thanks!

  3. Are the Steelheads affiliated with Idaho, at all? That would be logical and convenient.

    1. OHL/WHL/QMJHL teams aren't affiliated with pro clubs. Just a happy coincidence.


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