Analyzing the Texas Stars 2012-13 Schedule

The AHL has released the 2012-13 schedule this afternoon. This year's schedule is garnering interest from more than just AHL fans as the NHL faces a potential lockout situation and NHL faithful are looking for a hockey fix elsewhere.

Texas, of course, plays a full slate of 76 games split evenly 38 home and 38 road. The schedule is made up entirely of Western Conference opponents with all 14 teams making a visit to the CPC while Texas makes a return visit to each. The season starts on the road in San Antonio on October 13th and comes home immediately for their first home game on Sunday the 14th against Charlotte. The season stretches all the way to April 20th this season.

Important notes about the season include:
  • Longest home stretch: Five games, March 1 - 13
  • Longest road stretch: Six games (twice), November 25 - December 5 and January 13 - 25.
  • 3 in 3s: 6

The Stars play most of their games against the South Division, a total of 44 games. San Antonio, Houston and OKC will each see Texas 12 times. Charlotte will get a surprising eight contests against Texas. Eighteen of the remaining games will be against the Midwest and fourteen against the North.

Month by month breakdowns are:
  • October: 7
  • November: 11
  • December: 14
  • January: 12
  • February: 11
  • March: 12
  • April: 9
The extension of the season out to April 20th helps to alleviate a usually crowded February. Texas played 14 games in 28 days last year. December looks to be the roughest month as the Stars have 14 games in that month and nine of those on the road.

Texas also will have eleven of their first fifteen at home and follow that with eleven of the next fourteen on the road.

The full schedule is here.


  1. This will also be the first season the Stars will not be in Canada for New Year's.


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