Quick Hits with Taylor Vause

(Credit: Steven Christy)

After joining the Stars on an ATO at the end of last season, Taylor Vause broke his foot blocking a shot after only playing five games. He showed enough in those five games to earn a training camp tryout. HDH got a chance to talk with him this week.

HDH: Congratulations on the tryout to camp. Can you talk a little about the end of the season last year?
"It was unfortunate that I blocked and shot and had the injury. I was lucky enough to play all 72 with my junior club. Injuries will happen, though. Coming down and getting a taste of what it was like was great. Before that, I was leaning a bit more towards school because I didn't know if I could play at this level."
HDH: How did the recovery go on the foot?
"The foot was seven weeks in a boot. It slowed me down, so I was itching to get back. I spent a lot of time in Calgary getting ready. I had a lot of fun getting ready for the season."
HDH: Other have mentioned a different attitude this year from last. What have you seen?
"The fans see the young guys coming up and they're excited. I'm hoping I can be a part of that where I can come in and contribute as a 3rd or 4th line guy, come in and create a little energy. The fans and the guys in the room see [the young guys'] talent and are excited."
HDH: It's a tough time to break into the league with the trickle-down effect from the lockout. Have you had a chance to read about that much?
"I noticed that right away. It's an obvious thing where guys are getting sent down. I've prepared as much as I can for this season and I feel as ready as I could ever be. At the same time, I have to do what I can when I get put in the lineup and show that I belong."
HDH: Have you had any talks with GM Scott White about the expectations given that there are so many bodies here?
"I'm just hoping that the lockout gets figured out as soon as possible. The tryout is gonna take me where it takes me. I just have to hope for some playing time. I like the team and the staff and want to stay."
HDH: Are you still considering college as an option?
"My main goal is pro. If it comes down to it, school is an option. My main goal is pro, though."
[Ed. Note: Taylor is eligible for the WHL Scholarship, but would forfeit the scholarship by signing a contract with the Stars.]