Site Update: Working "Remotely" During March

Sometimes schedules just don't work out. The Texas Stars or really any team from the minor leagues knows all about that. It just so happens that I have a great opportunity to take a trip abroad during the month of March, one of the Stars' busiest months.

That being said, updates over the next few weeks will not be quite as real-time as they usually are. It will be more like the newspaper where you might have to wait a few hours (heaven help us!) to read my mind nuggets about the games and transactions. I wanted to be up front about this slight change because you all, my readers, are an extremely dedicated bunch of people.

The readership numbers keep going up and the community that we are building around 100 Degree Hockey is stronger with every tweet, comment and Facebook post. I look forward to returning to Austin for the stretch run in April and covering what fans have to hope is a lengthy playoff run.

However, I hope to catch some hockey while overseas. The Elitseiren should be in the playoffs as well as the DEL in Germany and Elite League in England. I guarantee a post about any of these experiences if I do get a chance to enjoy them.


  1. Good Luck and travel safe!
    Thanks again for all your work

  2. Agreed- good luck, thanks and travel safe Stephen.

  3. Safe travels, Stephen. Can't wait to hear about your adventures overseas! (everyone's favorite C2 team mom)


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