Gameday Preview: Stars at Milwaukee Admirals, Game 1

Texas Stars
43-22-5-6, 97 pts
#1 Western Conference
atMilwaukee Admirals
41-28-4-3, 89 pts
#8 Western Conference
Series tied 0-0

April 26th at 7:00 PM
Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI

UPDATE: Matt Fraser has been assigned to Texas and is expected to be in the lineup for Game 1.

In doing research for tonight's game and the series in general, I went back to read this site's gameday preview for the first game between these two in the 2011 playoffs. Here's an exact quote, if you'll believe it:
Overall, the two very similar teams are going to have a grinding series. If Texas can get one of the two games in Milwaukee, their chances to clinch at home with the crowd behind them is huge. Texas has yet to clinch a playoff series win on home ice and would love to do just that next week.
Two years later, it's carbon copy.

I covered a general overview of how the Stars are viewing the series. Texas is looking for a grinding series; it looks like it's going to be a defensive series.

"It's the best time of year," said captain Maxime Fortunus. "I was telling [Tyler] Sloan that the other day. 'We might want to put on some Christmas songs because it's the best time of the year.'"

Things to watch for on Friday include:
  • The feeling-out period — these two teams might play a tentative first period since they haven't seen each other in a while.
  • Who's in net? — Coach Desjardins wouldn't let on one way or the other who would be his starter. Whoever leads Texas out of tunnel is still a big question mark?
  • Which six? — Which defensemen are going to be your six for the playoffs? Desjardins said he would be likely to go with the same six (or seven) through the playoffs. Whoever you get in game one is likely to be your set barring any major issues.

Coach Desjardins added, "We've proven that we're a playoff team, but we haven't proven we're better than anyone."

The Stars hope to make a point with a 'W' tonight.

Stars injury/call up report:
R. Smith, Fraser, Chiasson, Benn (call up)
Nemeth, Ritchie (injury)
Sceviour (questionable)

Admirals Web Resources:
Blog (Official): In The Crease
Blog (Unofficial): Admirals Roundtable (@adsroundtable)
Twitter: @mkeadmirals


  1. Stephen, I don't have twitter, but I wanted in on the discussion. If the health of everyone in Dallas has not changed with last nights game, they may be able to send 3 of our boys today without any return. Its their last game on Saturday anyway and if they were not going to be in the lineup they might as well be sent back.
    They have played a few games without a extra d-man already this season, so for the last game they could do it again. Matt has been out of the line up lately also.
    The other question would be is Alex game ready. I believe they said he should be ready for Saturday, but that's not set in stone either.
    At any way, if they do anything, it will be done in the next few hours so travel can be taken care of.

  2. From what I hear the others are on their way back, should be reassigned tomorrow. Not sure why they weren't today but it might of been a travel thing.


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