Texas Stars to Announce New Home and Road Jerseys Later Today

According to sources, the Texas Stars are expected to release details today on new home and road jerseys for the 2013-14 season. The Stars are expected to stay with white as the base color at home but change their base color for the road jersey. The new look will reportedly remove the "TEXAS" and "STARS" wordmarks and player numbers from the front of the jersey.

The changes were not coordinated with the Dallas Stars jersey and logo changes, which are expected to be revealed on June 4th, and do not reflect the changes that are expected there. Remember that the Texas Stars are no longer owned by the same group as the Dallas Stars, so neither front office has worked with the other on these jersey changes.

The process to change the jerseys started before the 2012-13 season even began, given the approvals required from the AHL to change the primary home and away jerseys.


  1. Please not gold/yellow for the road jerseys. Green is good.


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