Texas Stars Media Day Notes and Quotes

(Credit: Michael Connell/Texas Stars)
I'll have a bit more formal season preview writeup based on the Stars media day and such later in the week. However, for now, I wanted to write up a few quotes and other notes from the day's interviews and practice.

Luke Gazdic's first NHL game
During video review, the Texas Stars showed former Star Luke Gazdic's first NHL game, where he scored his first NHL goal and had a fight.

Coach Lidster: "The guys were pleased to see Luke Gazdic's video; we showed it to them this morning. That realization that they aren't that far away; it can happen. 48 hours ago, Luke was on waivers and now he's scored his first goal in his first game."

Mike Hedden added: "It goes to show you that you never know. You never know who's watching. Gazdic had a good exhibition game against Edmonton and now he's playing in their home opener."

Ryan Button on similarities between Texas and Providence
Button played with Providence last year, which placed first in the East in points similar to the Texas Stars, who were tops in the West. 

Asked about the similarities between the two teams so far, Button said, "So far what I've seen in practice is that every guy comes to work. I played against Willie in the western league and he ate us up pretty good every time we played them. He demands players are ready everyday. Guys come to the rink ready to go."

Button also added that he found out about his trade to Dallas via Twitter.

Brett Ritchie needs to work on his handicap
Mike Hedden and Justin Dowling had chemistry on the ice last season and attributed part of it to the time they spent golfing together off the ice. Their new linemate, Brett Ritchie, needs to work on his golf game, according to Hedden. Hedden commented jokingly that Ritchie is "not in the calibre of me and Dowling."

On more travel in the division
The AHL added Abbotsford back to the Stars' division, which puts a pretty big kink in travel plans that used to include six trips to Houston every year. It sounds like the Stars are going to work more rest days into the team schedule to account for the travel.

Coach Desjardins said, "If you travel a lot, it will wear you down. We have to be cognizant of that and watch how we're on the road and our rest time and maybe give some extra days."

Toby Petersen added, "We might have to tinker with the schedule to give the rest days we need. Some of the travel days might end up being rest days. There will be some longer swings."