Gameday Preview: Stars at Iowa Wild

Texas Stars
5-4-2-0, 12 pts
#6 Western Conference
atIowa Wild
5-2-0-0, 10 pts
#9 Western Conference
November 2nd at 7:05 PM
Wells Fargo Arena, Des Moines, IA

As usual, a shorter preview for the second game in a back-to-back against the same club...

What can you say at this point for the Stars? In four games, Texas has been shellacked. Looking alternately superb and subpar in the same period with a certain lack of consistency. Across the course of the trip, Texas has failed to string together three successful periods in a row in the same game to win one outright. One point in four games doesn't cut it and certainly changes the complexion of the team as they come back from the Midwest.

The main point to raise right now is the goaltending situation. With Campbell injured and Nilstorp "not available", Texas is down to Josh Robinson and a likely callup of Pat Nagle. Let's not even think about what happens if Ellis or Lehtonen get hurt in Dallas. Robinson had a rough outing in his second AHL career game, four goals against. Robinson is likely to go again tonight.

Texas has failed to muster more than two goals in any game on the trip. Usually, much of the time, it's said, you can count on your goalie to win if you can get three. Texas needs to get there to have a chance at points tonight.

Stars injury/call up report:
Campbell, Nilstorp (injury)

Wild Web Resources:
Blog (Official): I Wild Blog
Twitter: @IAWild
Twitter: @IowaWildFish (former Stars PBP Josh Fisher)


  1. Heard on the Iowa broadcast that Nilstrop was injured in a practice the day they left Milwaukee. They did not say what type of injury.

  2. Texas has more the look of the 2011 team than the 2012 team. The exceptions are goalie and Head Coach witch I would say we are in better shape now. The addition of Dowling and growth of Hedden are big pluses but then again Wathier is in full ghost mode at this point and we don't have guys like Fraser, Dillon and Garbutt. This season could go anywhere from winning the division to being last in the division. It's pretty much a given on any AHL team to say the success will be determined by it's youth but I think it is more relevant on this team like it was during 2011 because the number of younger players and the fact none are really top prospects or can't miss guys. We learned in 2011 our core guys can't do it alone and I can't think of a reason this year things will be different. Just a couple thoughts below.

    Success might hinge on how long Chris Mueller is in Cedar Park and not in Dallas.

    Mckenzie to me is the biggest suprise and quickly becoming my favorite player. He is 2nd on the team in PIM's and is forth in scoring and 4th best plus minus.

    Ritchie just looks like a slightly above average utility guy. We need far more than that from him.

    Yet another year with sub-par blue line goalscoring ability.

    WTF is wrong with Wathier? He even isn't wearing the "A"?

    I'm okay with Gazdic being gone I suppose but are we going without a heavyweight?


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