Announcing the 100 Degree Hockey AHL Glossary

Cristopher Nilstorp (Credit: Christina Shapiro/Texas Stars)
There are a lot of confusing concepts in the hockey world in general and the American Hockey League specifically. Every year I get a lot of questions about how some basic things work, like waivers, two-way contracts, and the veteran rule. It's important for every fan to have a working knowledge of a lot of these ideas and be able to reference a more in-depth source when needed. To that end, I'm releasing the 100 Degree Hockey AHL Glossary today. You can find the Glossary on the navbar above between "About" and "Attendance" or by clicking here.

The current glossary covers these topics:
  • Affiliations
  • Two-way and one-way contracts
  • Professional or Amateur Tryout Agreement (PTO/ATO)
  • Restricted free agency and qualifying offers
  • Eligibility for Players Drafted from Major Junior
  • Veteran Rule
  • Injuries in the AHL
  • AHL Playoff Format
  • Trade Deadline
  • Playoff eligibility
  • Waivers
  • Hybrid icing
  • Division re-alignment
  • Interconference play in the AHL
  • All-Star game roster selection
Thank you to everyone who suggested topics over the past few weeks. Please continue to ask those questions and we'll add more to the page as we go.