Goalie Cristopher Nilstorp Signs with Växjö Lakers of SHL

(Credit: Colin Peddle)
Another day, another departed Texas Star. This time, it's Cristopher Nilstorp signing with the Växjö Lakers of the SHL. It wasn't an unexpected move after Nilstorp seemed unlikely to earn an NHL contract backing up Kari Lehtonen in Dallas. Nilstorp will return to the league where he won a championship and MVP trophy after winning the Calder Cup this season.

"[Nill and White] wished me good luck and thanked me for the season," said Nilstorp last week, when he was still being coy about his future intentions. "I'm going home to relax for a bit... maybe I'll take a walk with my dog. Work on my English. I'm just really happy to go see my family."

Henrik Evertsson, sports manager of Vaxjo Lakers, had the following to say (via Google Translate):
"Cristopher is quite precisely what we have been looking for. He is an experienced and talented goalkeeper who has been involved and gained a lot. It feels really good and it really feels like we found right in our goalkeeper saves.

"I think Cristopher had had the chance to write a new NHL contract, but then he probably ended up as runner-up and cast as 30-year-old wants to play games. He wants to play, participate and have the chance to win something, and he gets it with us. He likes our focus and see that we are going to do any good. But just because I am sure he has not given up his NHL dream."
After his time in North America, Nilstorp said that he will bring a lot back to Europe with him that he learned over here.

"The game is completely different. Guys shoot the puck well and more. If I'm going back, I'm going to take that with me. All the experiences of playing such a long season will be things I take with me."

Nilstorp finished his Texas Stars career a champion after 84 regular season and 28 playoff games over two seasons.


  1. So I'm assuming they're looking for Jack to stay healthy for an entire year and have Robo back him up? I'd be OK with that combo.

  2. Good luck to all the departing Stars. I am excited to see what new Stars may come along. It's what keeps this league exciting.

  3. Storp...it was an honor cheering for you. We will miss you, but wish you God's Speed and good luck. You'll always have a home in Central Texas...thanks for the memories.

  4. Good luck to Nihlstrop. Appreciate your contributions to winning the Cup. Best of luck to you on the return home. Bill

  5. Nils did a great job for us and wish him the best in the SHL.

  6. Wow. This really hurts. I understand Nilstrop was worried about playing time... but I still have to think that the AHL is a more likely way to get to the NHL than going back to Sweden. Really going to miss him.

  7. This is not good! I have a great deal of respect for Nilstrop, had some great games & seasons here in Texas.


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