AHL Commish: California AHL Teams Will Play Fewer Games

AHL Commissioner Dave Andrews confirmed to Syracuse.com's venerable reporter Lindsay Kramer what had long been rumoured: the California-based AHL teams will not play the same number of games as the rest of the league, much less their own division. Texas and San Antonio, also part of the same division, will play 76 games while their division mates will play some fewer number of games. While that number is as-of-yet undetermined, the common guess is that it could be as low as 68 games.

This should be setting the Texas and San Antonio fan bases on fire. The competition level issues here are innumerable. Fewer games mean less wear and tear, a more prepared team when it comes to playoffs, fewer 3-in-3s, etc.

This makes a mockery of the league's standing as the top minor league in the world. When all the teams aren't on equal footing, it is not a truly fair competition.

Here are the tweets:


  1. That is ridiculous. Two games I could see. This is a joke.

  2. The NHL wants fewer games and more practice time. All the current teams have already sold 2015-16 season tickets based on 76-game schedules and would have to give partial refunds if the schedule did not include the promised number of games. It makes no sense, however, to give those new teams fewer games this season rather than changing everyone to 68 games at the same time next season.
    - PBG

  3. Bush league business practice. How stupid. Why have a league if playing games gets in the way.

  4. The only ones this sounds like it hurts is the California teams. Doesn't more games mean more points bin the standings or at least potential for more. It sounds as if the only one we'll have to fight for first in our division is San Antonio since they will also have the same amount of games. Yes I get less games is less wear and tear on players but that's also less experience for said players.

  5. They would go by win percentage and not points. It will hurt Texas in the long run who will have to Travel to California to play all but one of their division opponents and have more games they have to play in that time. While California teams will be sleeping in their beds more often than not and playing less games. It's just stupid, period. Worst case have the California teams play a full schedule this year. And how much you wanna bet our season ticket prices don't go down when the amount of games we get goes down, again.

  6. So much for keeping things even and fair. Not only would the California teams be playing fewer games but would also be traveling less to play those games. What a crock!


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