Texas Stars Launch Franchise Rebrand, Switch to Victory Green and Silver

Texas Stars new primary logo
The Texas Stars announced this morning a complete rebrand of their franchise to match the Dallas Stars color scheme, including the addition of victory green to the palette.

Texas Stars secondary logo
"The colors and themes have worked so well in Dallas, and they've become synonymous with Stars Hockey," said Dallas Stars and Texas Stars owner Tom Gaglardi. "It's exciting for us to have the Texas Stars represented in the same victory green that we take great pride in."

The color scheme change was expected after the Dallas Stars' owner, Northland, purchased the Texas Stars last season. With the change, Texas has completely abandoned the gold trim that was part of both Dallas and Texas jerseys in the past. Texas has revamped its website and all connected collateral with those assets launching this morning as well.

The Stars primary logo is a modified version of the TEXAS secondary logo from the last two years, with the X replaced by a star. The secondary logo is a color-adjusted version of the Texas state flag in a crest with the Texas Stars name around the outer edge. New wordmarks were also unveiled.

Texas Stars new wordmark
Along with the logo, new jerseys are expected later this summer. It is also expected that Texas will compete in these new jerseys in the 2015-16 season. Texas has had two main jersey treatments in their history, the initial TEXAS and STARS wordmarks on white and black respectively and the current kelly green and gold jerseys. With victory green such a big part of the rebrand, it can be expected that Texas will don that shade in some regard next season. For the Dallas Stars, victory green is the home jersey.

See below for the full style guide. Click to expand.

(In other news, looks like I might need to do a 'franchise rebrand' of my own to match.)


  1. I like it. Nice to get rid of the gold. Looking forward to seeing the jerseys.

  2. Now I have to buy more new jerseys.

  3. Approve. Can't wait to see the full jersey work up. I'm sort of on the fence about the secondary logo (that must be because I'm from Oklahoma)

  4. love the round logo

    1. I agree, I'd like to see Dallas use that in the future.


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