100 Degree Hockey Signs Rookie Writer Ryan Pennington to Entry-Level Contract

(Credit: Texas Stars)
[Ed. Note: I'm extremely happy to introduce Ryan Pennington to our readership. Ryan started working with me during Dallas Stars training camp and has already contributed his first article.]

It brings my great joy to announce that I've been added to the 100 Degree Hockey roster as a contributing writer. I want to thank Stephen for his willingness to welcome me in and eagerness to get me involved in current projects. I admire the several years of hard work that he has put in to bring the Texas Stars faithful quality content season after season. Stephen has exhaustively labored to establish 100 Degree Hockey as a prestigious sports journal in the central Texas area through building relationships and maintaining high character and professionalism in the local hockey community. I am eager to display the same level of diligence in upholding the level of credibility that 100 Degree Hockey deserves. I also cannot wait to connect with you all, the Stars faithful and lovers of hockey.

My wife and I reside in Killeen, TX where I work as a local pastor and attend journalism school part-time. I am a passionate musician and amateur chicken farmer. Writing is something that I’ve long loved to do with my free time but have never had the opportunity to consistently write in a public forum. Along with the rest of you, I possess a burning desire to extol the virtues of both Texas and hockey. This season, I plan to attend as many Texas games as possible, provide exclusive access to players and coaches and bring you quality game recaps and stories.

Our first order of business is training camp and media day which kick off Sept. 27 and Oct. 3 respectively. Mark your calendars!


  1. Welcome Ryan! I look forward to reading your articles and discussing hockey with the Stars community.


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