Quick Look at How 3-2-1 Points System Would Affect the AHL Today

(Credit: Texas Stars)
I noticed a thread on Twitter this afternoon discussing the NHL's dwindling chances of moving to a 3-2-1 system for awarding points after 60 minutes.*

It gave me the inspiration to take a look at the AHL standings as of today if there were a 3-2-1 point system. It's also a good time for this as we're approximately halfway through the season.

The headline is that not all that much changes in the vast majority of cases. Here's the chart. Click to zoom.

You'll also notice that the Stars, with their ten OTW/SOWs, fair the worst of all teams in this reshuffle. Also interesting, this change doesn't drop anyone out of playoff contention.

* - In the current system, a win of any kind is worth 2 points and a loss in overtime or shootout is worth one. In a 3-2-1 system, a regulation win is worth 3 points, an overtime or shootout win is worth just two points, and a loss in overtime or the shootout is worth one. In all cases, regulation losses are worth zero points.