“We Win Here”, a Texas Stars Book by Stephen Meserve and Sean Shapiro, Available Now

The Texas Stars have been around now for 14 years, and there have been so many stories. Over 1000 games, three Calder Cup runs, one big win. To celebrate those stories, Sean Shapiro and I have written a book about the Texas Stars, which is available today at WeWinHere.com.

The book is called “We Win Here: The Definitive Essays You Need About the Texas Stars.”

‘We Win Here’ is the slogan that has been on the wall in the Texas Stars locker room since the beginning, and they certainly have paid it off over the years.

I can’t say how incredibly excited I am to have this project enter the world. If you read 100 Degree Hockey, this book is absolutely for you. It is a collection of 12 essays with topics including the original Calder Cup run in 2010, the Matt Fraser trade, the #FreeHonka movement, the Ben Bishop game, a remembrance of San Antonio, the (overwhelming) case to retire No. 18, the business side of the AHL and an entire essay on emptying our collective notebooks with all the stuff we couldn’t tell you at the time it happened.

I have been covering the team since 2009, and Sean and I both worked the Texas beat from 2012-2020. We have a perspective of the team that goes back to the very beginning with both breadth and depth that you cannot get anywhere else. This is the best Texas Stars coverage you will ever find.

Additionally, we got Curtis McKenzie to write the foreword. I can’t wait to see you all asking him to sign your copy at the next season ticket holder autograph session. For the record, I’ll sign your copy too, but I’m guessing he’s a bigger draw for some reason.

The book is available now in both digital and physical formats at WeWinHere.com.

It’s priced at an intentionally specific number. Digital copies are $14. Physical copies are $18.23. If you know why, this book is definitely for you. If you don't, read the book and you will.

The book is a love letter to the AHL, the Texas Stars and their fans. Hopefully the feeling is mutual.