AHL's State of the League Address

SB Nation had a good summary of the Commissioner's State of the League address from last week. Here's the link to their summary: SB Nation: AHL Shakeup Coming?

The relevant portion to Texas Stars fans is the following:
The Texas Stars are also temporarily associated with the Dallas Stars and Commissioner Andrews said that if the affiliation isn't made permanent, the league will not exempt the franchise and they may cease operations.
You may recall that the Texas Stars were granted a temporary franchise on the condition that they acquire a franchise by the end of the year. No word on how progress is coming along on this front, but I will begin asking the questions...


  1. Did the commish have anything positive to say about the league? Granted this is my first year following the AHL but it seems like it's doing well on many fronts. As for the Stars' temporary association, I don't recall that at all, I guess it flew past me. Reason to be concerned?

  2. Hi Anon,

    You should check out this more detailed report about the league's status.


    I don't think we have reason to be concerned right now.


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