PlanetUSA falls to Canada in AHL All-Star Game shootout

Texas Stars defenseman Ivan Vishnevskiy had two assists for PlanetUSA and was +1. He did have a tough goal against wherein he redirected Logan Couture's attempted pass to the backdoor into the net.

Somehow through that melee of scoring, the two team managed to come out tied after 60 minutes at 9. After that, we went immediately to the shootout (because that's what everyone wants to see). Vishnevskiy did not shoot in the shootout and Canada prevailed. Interesting given Vish's success in the shootout over the season and his 2 goals in the shootout competition just the night before.

Stars in action again on Friday.


  1. I was also surprised (and disappointed) that Vish didn't get a shot in the shootout. Can't help but think that that may have made a difference.

    And speaking of difference, boy is hockey a different sport when it's an exhibition game! No checking, no fights, no penalties...not nearly as much fun!

  2. I gotta agree. Watching the defenseman on that game was an interesting affair. Also, no slappers from the point for fear of injuring someone. It was still great fun!

  3. I didn't get to watch it, but I always like Vish taking the shot in a shootout, but I think he needs to be on a wing rather than on D, the guys an awesome skater, and stick handles as well as anybody, and (at least I think) has a better wrist shot than slap, I'm not sure why nobody ever tried putting him on a wing, I know they've got a ton of offensive talent in Russia, but the Stars don't, I'd love to see them put him on a wing for a few shifts a game so he can run loose and see what happens, and with all the injuries and call ups we have right now, why not give it a shot?


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