Amazing story about Brent Krahn in Dallas Morning News

Wow. Michael Brick of the Dallas Morning News has written an amazing story about Brent Krahn and his struggles to make it to the NHL. I was very touched by the story and its excellent writing. Brent is facing an uphill battle, and we need to give him all the support we can to get back in net. Here's the link:

The Dallas Morning News: Texas Stars goalie sticking with dream despite long odds


  1. What a great article! I'm a huge fan of Krahn already, but this article is actually really touching. I'm excited to see him in the net again, but I want him to come back fully healed. He's amazing when he's in the net.

  2. Regardless of his ability to come back from injury, if you've listened to him do color analysis for Josh Fisher between periods, I think he's got a future in broadcasting. On a sidenote, I think Marty Turco does too.

  3. Good point, Stephen...Krahn on the radio is the best part of away games.


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