How does Dallas Stars sale affect the Texas Stars?

In case you haven't heard, the Dallas Stars are up for sale. Since the Dallas Stars owner, Hicks Sports Group, is a subsidiary of the Texas Stars ownership organization, the umbrella Hicks Holdings LLC, there has been some measure of concern involving the longevity of the Texas Stars' stay in Austin.

The good news is that I'm here to quell your collective fears. The Texas Stars signed a ten-year affiliation agreement with the Dallas Stars last year and Hicks Cedar Park LLC has a 25-year operating lease agreement with the city for Cedar park Center.

Here's the quote from Texas Stars president, Rick McLaughlin, regarding the sale of the Dallas Stars:
"The Texas Stars have lengthy agreements in place with both the Dallas Stars and the City of Cedar Park. We have a great fan base here in Central Texas and we are committed to this community."
So rejoice, Stars fans! Even if the Dallas Stars are sold this summer, the contract for the affiliation and the arena will stay with the organization.


  1. All that being said, and lengthy agreements taken into account, none of that really matters if we can't buy a franchise, right?

  2. What about getting a franchise from the AHL?

  3. Still waiting on that to shake out. No movement right now.

  4. apparently the Texas Stars are in discussions with 2 teams to cover there collective asses if the league decides to suspend the operation of the Texas Stars.The league givith,the league can taketh away.


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