Stars stomped by Grand Rapids 2-1

Sorry this postgame report is later than usual. I was quite upset by this game and some of the news that came afterwards (more coming in next post). I'll keep this short.

The Stars got outplayed good tonight on all fronts. The Grand Rapids Griffins made it 1-0 early on a Patrick Rissmiller shot off Climie's back that went in on the power play. It was 2-0 before the period was out when Pare shot one into the empty net from the slot while Climie had overcommitted to an attempt at the side.

The Stars couldn't make a pass to save their lives and came out without a goal on the powerplay against the WORST road PK in the league. The Stars made it a bit interesting in the last 5 minutes of the game when Trevor Ludwig's slapper from the point dribbling in over the goal line after squeaking under Larsson's pads.

The Stars weren't completing checks and just lacked energy all over the ice. They had some good chances but not enough. Perhaps the trade affected their mood (more coming).

Tonight's lines:



Injuries, scratches, and notes:
Wilson and Krahn (injured)
Vishnevskiy (scratched)
Sawada and Wathier (call up)

AHL Gamesheet - Texas v. Grand Rapids - February 9 2010


  1. Tough night for Stars fans. Sorry you're feeling the same way I am, but glad to not be alone. Between the game and Vishy...for the first time ever I wish I'd just stayed home tonight.

  2. The worst hockey game I have seen. It was like they didn't even watn to be on the ice. I felt like it was a waste of time being there.

  3. I'm a little surprised by the fan response to this game. I don't think we were flat or tired, I think the Griffins came out like they were on speed, and they maintained that pace the entire game, it caught us off-guard. That game had the pace of an NHL game, and you could see that the Stars were panicking with the puck because they just weren't used to the pace. One problem we had in that game is a problem we have in every game and one that the Griffins don't have at all: breaking out of our own zone with dynamic skating and crisp passing. It shocks me that this far into the season our break-out can still be so awful. At any rate I don't think we played so poorly in this game, I just think the Griffins were faster and they back-checked in swarms, clogging the middle of the ice and pretty much smothering us any time we crossed the blue line. In other words, the Griffins played a fantastic game, which I think is a much more accurate statement than saying the Stars played poorly.


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