Crunch, Falcons find new NHL affiliates; what does this mean for Texas?

The Syracuse Crunch and the Springfield Falcons have already changed up their affiliates for next year and this year isn't over yet!

On Thursday, the Syracuse Crunch made the long-expected announcement that they would be affiliating with the Anaheim Ducks organization. The Crunch's old team, the Blue Jackets, moved over the Springfield and took up the affiliation there. The Falcons are affiliated with the Oilers this season, but the Oilers will be starting a still yet to be named AHL franchise in Oklahoma City next year.

So what now? The only team without an affiliate for this year, Anaheim, found a home in the AHL. With Edmonton's dormant franchise resurfacing in OKC, the AHL now has 29 active franchises, 1 inactive and soon to be unsuspended franchise, the Iowa Chops, and 1 temporary franchise, the Texas Stars. And now the Iowa Chops are without an NHL affiliate, and no one else needs one, at the moment. Sounds like a match made in heaven? Texas gets the franchise they originally tried for and purchases the Iowa Chops. I think it's the most likely situation right now. What do you think?

EDIT: Also, there is still the mess out east. Albany's franchise is relocating to Charlotte to be closer to the Hurricanes. This leaves Albany without an NHL affiliate or an AHL franchise and now there is no one left to affiliate with and only one left to buy. Without an affiliate in place, how likely would that sale be to go through?


  1. Unless I am a complete fool.... this is GREAT news for the Tx Star fans right????



    I will stay in California in protest if Cedar Park loses that franchise!

  3. I think it's something Texas and its fans should be really happy about. That being said, the whole situation out east hasn't been solved yet. Portland has a franchise still but Albany is high and dry without an affiliate in the NHL.


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