Texas defeats San Antonio 5-4 on third period flurry

We're going to have something of a recap here despite the fact I wasn't in attendance at the game. I'm excited to hear that Texas had its 3rd ever sellout crowd. You can read the Texas Stars game summary here. I also asked friend of the blog, Teresa, to take some notes on what she notedthat wouldn't appear on the score sheet. Here are her observations.
1st period:
You'll see Meyer and Tousi got into it at 12:54. I didn't see what exactly happened, but just before the fight Meyer dropped his stick and bent over with his hands over his face...I'm guessing highsticking from Tousi? When Meyer regained his composure he turned around and threw himself at Tousi, who was battling for the puck. Took the players a heartbeat or two to figure out Meyer wanted to stop playing hockey and start boxing, but eventually they got it figured out and off went the gloves. Fight was a draw, Tousi picks the fights but he doesn't finish them terribly well yet.

2nd period:
Scoresheet shows a goal from Wathier at 2:16, but it was announced as Jancevski's goal.

Fight broke out at 3:16 right in front of 101, again not really sure what started it, but Sawada was getting into it with Bickel and Gaz was hot after Picard. In fact, Gaz was trying so hard to get at Picard that a couple of times he threw a punch over the linesman's shoulder (never really landed one) and at one point shoved the linesman. Everyone in 101 held their breaths waiting to see if Gaz was going to get kicked out of the game...but the officials called a bunch of 2 minute roughing penalties and called it a day. I've seen Gaz out for blood, but this was a new intensity even for him.

3rd period:
Second half of the third period was explosive, with five goals scored between 7:01 and 17:37. Both teams REALLY wanted this win.

Other random thoughts:
There were two busses of San Antonio fans at CPC, but you couldn't tell. Our 23 fans last night made a heck of a lot more noise than their at-least-twice-that tonight.

It's no wonder Krahn gets groin injuries, as many times as he did the splits tonight. I find his style interesting, because he doesn't bring his legs in and butterfly nearly as much as he throws his legs out and ends up on his ass. He doesn't have as much of a five-hole issue to worry about that way, but his recovery time getting back on his feet is way longer. There were a couple of times we got lucky our D was able to get the puck clear, because Krahn was WAY out of position. Maybe his past knee injuries have something to do with it?

Stephenson played on the wing again tonight. I didn't write down lines, but I did pay enough attention to see that.

Tonight's attendance was 6,862.

AHL Gamesheet - Texas v. San Antonio - March 13 2010