Matt Climie takes the loss vs. Chicago

If you've got one shot to make an impression to the new guys in Dallas, Matt Climie probably wished he could have this one back. I don't think it was his fault really though. Dallas's abysmal defense is nothing like the stout blue line group we have here in Texas, so Climie had less support than normal.

Mark Stepneski has the quotes from Stars PR on his site here. I'll copy the Climie quotes below:
(On his performance)

"Definitely there were some ups and downs during the game. At times I felt good, confident. At other times I think I backed up in my net a little too much and wasn't really as aggressive as I usually play. Overall, I think it's just a good experience to get an NHL game in this year, and kind of use it and learn from it when I go back to Texas, and hopefully have a long playoff run."

(On facing a high-powered offense in Chicago)

"They have some of the best young forwards in the National Hockey League. They have a number of good forwards who can shoot the puck, so I knew it was going to be a challenge coming in. I was prepared for that, and maybe I gave them a little too much respect. At the same time, I've got to hold my own, and give the team a chance to win."

(On playing a "one-game tryout")

"I went out there, and obviously it's tough to give up the first goal on the first shot, and it's always tough to bounce back. I thought I did a good job of staying with it and staying positive and being aggressive and not really getting down on myself. I felt I recovered after that first goal and kept battling."
Here are the game highlights from, as well. Defending Big D notes that Nicklas Grossman was minus-4 in the game. Minus-4! It was his worst performance in that category ever.

Brad Richards had this to add about Matt Climie's performance tonight:
"Definitely, we probably could have given him a little more help throughout the game. It's a good team. I'm sure it was a good challenge for him. He was probably pretty excited about that. Like I said, that's a disappointing thing when you have a guy like him in net, and not everybody is on board. That's disappointing. We're professionals. We've got to come out with a lot better effort next game."
Climie should be back in Texas for Friday's game against Rockford.


  1. Austin from Blackoutdallas,

    I liked some of Climie's effort. But I am not sure if he belongs at the NHL level. He has been good this year in the AHL, but I think Dallas needs a bit more of a veteran back-up with Lehtonen. But yeah, they did not give him much help at times


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