Media Day Interview: GM Scott White

I'm going to post a few of the interviews from the media day up to the blog over the next two days leading up to the start of the series with Rockford. Consider this first in a series...

Grabbed just a few seconds, literally, of GM Scott White's time at Wednesday's media day. He had some great things to say about how Austin has taken to hockey and even commented on the Stars franchise situation. All media day audio was recorded while practice was going on, so there are pucks off the glass and such in the background of the interviews.

(download mp3)

Special thanks definitely to Stars PR man Josh Fisher for letting a blogger into the media day pool. A lot of bloggers have traditionally had trouble getting access in sports, but I feel that the Texas Stars are doing the right thing by not putting up 'traditional' restrictions on media access.


  1. Which is good because I get a majority of my Stars news and info from this site and NOT from mainstream media. Bloggers CARE about their subject matter, most mainstream sports writers are doing a job. at least in markets like ours.

  2. Keep up the good work, Stephen!

  3. Thanks, Aaron and Jeff. I really appreciate your readership and especially your comments. Tell your friends!


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