Texas Stars Report: Home Ice Advantage Secured

Texas Stars Report on Defending Big D was published this afternoon. Here's the lead and a link to the rest:
Texas is finally home and has to be feeling pretty good about their chances for playoff glory following an epic road trip that saw them win six of seven games, including the clinching of the team's first ever playoff berth. This week, Texas played three games, two at home and one on the road.

The Stars have a shot, a very slim one, at being the #1 seed in their division at this point. It would require them to win out and have the #1 seed lose all their games. From a fan perspective, it's a much better place than having to win out to get in. In fact, the Stars just secured the #2 seed in the division, guaranteeing them home-ice advantage in the first round. So come on Dallas fans! Cheer on the future stars on the NHL and hop on the Texas Stars bandwagon.

Inside, we'll talk about this week's games and go in depth on the playoff matchups that I expect for the first round. Also, we'll look at callups and the very full injury report.
Texas Stars Report: Home Ice Advantage Secured