Stars close practice and batten down the hatches

As reported in the Chicago Wolves playoff blog, Texas is taking no chances or prisoners in their preparation for tonight's game. This morning's practice, which was scheduled to be open to media, was closed this morning. Texas also barred Chicago players, coaches and staff from watching the practice, which is usually a casual affair. It's crunch time. Here's the quote from the Chicago Wolves Playoff Blog:
"The Texas Stars are battening down the hatches this morning and their practice was closed to the media. I can assure you they meant business with that decree, as Justin and I, who arrived on the team bus, had to identify that we weren’t reporters.

"In case there was any doubt about the casual atmosphere of previous morning skates being gone, Wolves staff and players, who typically sit in the stands or line up along the glass to watch some of their opponents’ skate, were also told to leave."
Full story is here: No More Mr. Nice Guys.