Texas shutout as Wolves win, force Game 7

Texas had a chance to close out the series and become the West Division champion this afternoon in Chicago. It seemed as though the forces conspired against them to make it a seven game series. Questionable officiating, a possible concussion to goaltender Brent Krahn, and an anemic offensive effort put the Stars into their first Game 7 in franchise history.

Texas had the early advantage for sure. Noah Welch took a hooking call and Spencer Machacek a cross-checking call early in the game. Texas was unable to capitalize on either power play. Chicago got their first power play at 11:53 of the first period and took full advantage. Who else but Anthony Stewart? A centering pass from Tim Stapleton found Anthony Stewart in the crease and went to the back of the net. With that goal, Chicago is 8/18 in the series on the power play. At that point, Texas was outshooting Chicago 9-4.

Just before the 15 minute mark of the first period, Texas had a nightmare moment. On a routine dump-in, Texas goaltender Krahn went to cover up the puck with Spencer Machacek crashing the net. With Krahn already covering the puck, Machacek kept going and hit Krahn. Initially, it seemed as though Machacek had skated over Krahn's glovehand and injured him. However, later it was revealed that Krahn's head slammed into the net on the hit. Initially it was thought that Krahn's head hit the post, but video replays showed this was not the case. He was taken to a local hospital for evaluation and observation. He would not return, and Matt Climie took the net for the Stars.

Just after the replacement of Krahn, Texas had one of their best scoring opportunities of the first two periods. It was such a good scoring opportunity that it actually went in the net! Referee David Banfield blew the play dead when he lost sight of the puck. Goaltender Drew MacIntyre did not have a handle on the puck and Jamie Benn poked it home in the crease. Texas celebrated as Banfield wildly flailed his arms to indicate a no-goal. It was clearly a goal though, and Texas was furious.

The second period was scoreless for both teams. Texas gave the Wolves six total power plays through two periods. The Stars trailed the Wolves on shots 22-19 at the end of the period. Texas would have to do something they'd never done before: come from behind to win it.

The Wolves extended their lead 6 minutes into the third period. Joey Crabb scored on a swatted goal that jumped up over Climie's pad and beat him on the glove side to make it 2-0. Texas tried with the goaltender pulled but could never solve goaltender Drew MacIntyre. Too many penalties led to a lack of opportunities for the Stars. The game was just not one to write home about, I think, for either team. The intensity wasn't as palpable as it had been in prior games, despite all the implications on the line. Texas has to get up for Game 7 and bring the most intense game they've played all year.

Tonight's lines

Tr. Ludwig-Stafford


Injuries, scratches, and notes:
Graham, Korostin, Shelast, Ty. Ludwig, Chupp, Gazdic (scratched)

With Krahn's future in the playoffs now uncertain, Texas may have to bring someone up from the ECHL. Sadly, goaltender Richard Bachman, who backed up Climie several times during the regular season, was injured on Friday night in Idaho's 7-2 loss to Stockton. Idaho's backup, Rejean Beauchemin, is not under contract with the Stars. Who will backup Climie on Tuesday if Krahn is not well enough to play? Chris Whitley from the Allen Americans is a possibility, but I have no clue.

Tonight's attendance was 3,316.

AHL Gamesheet - Texas at Chicago - May 9 2010


  1. What about flying Beskorowanyover to Chicago? The Fronts have been done for awhile now, however is he eligible to play for the baby Stars?

  2. Stars starting goalie Brent Krahn played the first 15 minutes Sunday before being replaced by backup Matt Climie. It wasn't an injury.

    ''He just didn't feel well,'' Stars coach Glen Gulutzan said. ''I still don't know how serious his situation is. But we sent him to the hospital to get checked out.''


  3. Every Chicago based news source is acting like they have no idea what happened to Krahn.

    Every Texas based news source has eyeballs that function and saw Spencer Machacek crash into him.

    Biased much, Chicago?

  4. I'm guessing this is the collision?


    To me on slow-motion, there doesn't appear to be contact, although the Stars player behind him does.

    A number of Wolves fans I talked to said Krahn looked out of sorts earlier in the period.

  5. Wow, looking at the replay, it really seems like nothing happened. Perhaps he has something more whole body like a cold or something weird like that?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. The play in the video above wasn't the play where Krahn was hit. The Stars took a penalty on the play where Krahn was hit. Krahn was clearly run into in the offending play.

    I can't find a clip of the Krahn play, but if you look at about 3:30 in the following video you will see that the Stars were denied a legitimate goal.


    The puck crossed the line by MacIntyre's head, not his pads. He failed to control the puck. There was no jostling it loose or ramming it through.

  8. That clip stops just a few seconds short of Krahn's actual departure with 5.01 left in the period. He must leave at the next whistle. Is that really the extent of the contact?

  9. Let me reiterate, Krahn was run into on another play. I guess he stayed in for another whistle or something, but the play in Wolfkeeper's video was not the one where Machacek ran over him.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. http://www.wolfkeeper.org/video/20092010/AHL.20100509.Krahn.collision2.mp4

    The above is the only contact I found during the 1st period. Machacek was involved in a play around the crease about five minutes into the game, but there was no contact.

  12. It might not have been Machacek. I am going from memory, but I remember watching live that I thought he was bumped into a little hard.

    Not having video makes it hard, and as Stephen said on the Wolves forum, our only viewing option down here is AHL Live, so recording the game isn't easy.

    We still don't even know what's wrong with him -- not even the old "upper body injury" line. There have been so many different ailments thrown out that I have no clue. All I do know is that Climie will be in net. Beyond that I guess it's a moot point anyway.


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