Wilson wants to play one more year

Stars captain Landon Wilson gave a great interview to the Dubuque Telegraph Herald recently. Wilson played for the Dubuque Fighting Saints of the USHL back in the 92-93 season. Here's your quote on him playing next season:
TH -- Do you have any idea what you want to do next after your playing days? I know you have one more year on your contract with the Stars.

LW -- I want to get into coaching, but I still have that desire and passion to be a player. So I'm going to try to play as long as I can. Hopefully, with some of the connections I've made throughout the years, some doors will open up for me. But I'm still learning every day as a player. When you stop learning, that's when you should stop playing.
You can read the full story here on the Telegraph Herald's website.


  1. Landon is a real nice, personable guy. He reprezents the team both on and off the oice quite well. I wish I could have seen him play more this season. If thereis one player who I, if I was coach, could do without, it would have to be Gazdic. He reminds me so much of Dave "Tiger" Schultz of the Flyers back in the day. I was saddened that they didn't let Tousi play more for the Stars this year and that he played half the season in Idaho. :-) Wayne

  2. Dude you're messing up your brawlers. It's Dave 'Tiger' Williams, not Dave 'Tiger' Schultz. And anyway what's wrong with Schultz? He won two Stanley Cups with the Flyers.

  3. Well, in my viewpoint a goon is a goon, whether they be nicknamed tiger or the hammer or whatever.


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