Climie "open to further talks" with Stars

Mike Heika has a story up this morning about Dallas's golatending situation, specifically focused on Matt Climie. Heika believes that Climie's strong postseason play could bring him success in the NHL free agent market or in the KHL. Here's the big info from Heika:
Climie's agent Scott Norton still is in talks with the Stars, but while Krahn signed a two-way contract that will allow him to be sent to the minors and make less money there (giving the Stars more options), Climie is looking at a one-way deal in which he will make the same amount whether he is assigned to the minors or not. Climie can seek that security because of the chance for interest outside of the Stars.

"I have had discussion with the Stars, and am open to further talks. There is obviously no agreement at this point, but Matt likes the organization, so we hope that future talks can be more fruitful," Norton wrote in an e-mail. "Matt has received a great deal of interest from teams in the KHL, and I would expect there to be a lot of interest on July 1 in free agency after the season and playoff run that Matt and the Stars had this year."
I think Matt would be a great keep for the Stars, but asking for a one-way contract may end up putting him on a one-way ticket somewhere else in the league.

Heika: Is Matt Climie last part of Stars' goaltending situation?