Silent and Live Auction Gala to Support Austin Youth Hockey

Coming on the heels of the announcement of the partnership between the Texas Stars and the Youth Hockey Foundation of Austin, the YHFA has announced a Silent and Live Auction Gala event to take place on September 24th. In the name of promoting hockey in Austin, I want to make sure that I let everyone know about this event. Here is the release that Laura Morrison, the event's coordinator, has put out:
On September 24th, we are hosting the Hockey Night in Austin Gala at the Iron Cactus North. This is a major fundraising event for our youth hockey program and I need your assistance! It is going to be an awesome party - fantastic food, drinks and music, along with an amazing list of items that will be in our Live and Silent auction. Tickets may be purchased in the proshop at I35 and also online at Not only is this a great event to attend, it is also a tax deductable contribution, and you don't have to be a hockey fan to attend!

Here is a small list of additional items that will be on the auction block on the 24th:
The funds that we raise through our Gala will be used to continue to build our youth hockey programs and will assist our teams to participate in hockey tournaments,it will help to provide player and coach training and education and so much more! We'd love to see you at the Gala - your continued support of our youth hockey programs at the rink is greatly appreciated!

For those interested, a full list of what's being auctioned is on their homepage.