Dallas Stars Make Final Cuts, Send 4 To Texas

As expected, the Dallas Stars assigned Aaron Gagnon, Severin Blindenbacher, Philip Larsen and Tomas Vincour to the Texas Stars today. These represent the last assignments for Dallas and the next round of cuts will now come from Texas as they trim their roster down before this weekend. The four players who were cut today had excellent preseasons and will make significant impact in Cedar Park.


  1. Nothing unexpected here. Would love to see Gagnon get his shot in Dallas, but glad to have him back. If I had to guess based on how they did together in camp, we'll see Vincour and Gagnon paired together a lot this season.

  2. Was at the games this weekend and the boys at the CPC need all the help they can get! Going to be a LONG season

  3. Who will be cut from Texas? Any guesses ?


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