Goalie Joel Paprocki Added on Emergency Basis

The Texas Stars signed Joel Paprocki today to what will surely be a short contract. Brent Krahn appears to have come down with something short term and Texas needed a backup for today's game in Houston.

So who is Joel Paprocki? Well, a search of the usual hockey sites turns up nothing. But a generic Google search points to PointStreak, the point tracking website for the local Chaparral Ice amateur adult league. Joel Paprocki has played in the local league since at least 2004, bouncing between the AA and A levels. Here is a link to his stats page.

I have definitely played with players who have been on Paprocki's team. This sort of thing is not without precedent though. It happens, obviously most commonly with goaltenders, in emergency situations. Amateur league players love to talk about that one guy they knew that rode the pine for the pro team when the regular guy got the flu. Now everyone in Austin will have just such a story to tell.


  1. Oh yeah, J-Paps we called him. In the winter of '04 he was a brick wall with Hartman, going 13-4-1 with a 1.72 GAA. That season he was fond of saying "I'm seeing the puck like a big balloon!" but it's been see-saw ever since, in fact this summer with DATRAN during a particularly ugly blowout he was overheard moaning, "It's like trying to save an aspirin out there." I pray for Bachman's continued good health.

  2. Hope they let him keep the jersey :)


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