Texas Cuts Six From Roster

Texas announced cuts of six players this afternoon on the heels of the assignment of several players from Dallas. Dustin Friesen, Cody Lampl, Nino Musitelli, Judd Blackwater, Geoff Irwin and Tomas Sinisalo have been released. Friesen, Irwin and Lampl should go to Idaho, while Musitelli should be in Allen.

Additionally, Tom Wandell was recalled to Dallas today after last night's conditioning game against Houston.


  1. I liked what I saw from Musitelli and Sinisalo. Bit surprised Sinisalo isn't under contract somewhere in the ECHL or CHL.

  2. Backman stays?
    He had 3 penalties and an own goal Saturday night.
    He needs to pick up his game.


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