G Richard Bachman Called Up To Dallas

The first big league callup for Richard Bachman comes as Kari Lehtonen is suffering from reported "lower body stiffness". Bachman will ride the pine behind Andrew Raycroft in Chicago and Tyler Beskorowany will get the start. It will be Beskororwany's second start in the AHL.

No word on the backup for Texas, but one has to assume that it will be a player local to Chicago given the short notice of the callup.

David Brown of the Quad City Mallards will be called in to backup Beskorowany. Confirmation from CHL transactions page.


  1. Backup is supposedly Dave Brown recalled from the Quad City Mallards (proximity likely had something to do with that).

  2. This is great for Bachman, even if he's just riding the pine. How exciting for him.

  3. With 4 games in 5 days, odds are Besko was going to get at least one start if not 2 during this road trip, so this will be good for both of them.

  4. Dallas plays 4 games in 6 days, which would usual entail a start for the backup. I'm guessing not with a rookie on the bench, though...

  5. Perhaps, but Bachman is pretty highly regarded inside the Stars organization as I understand it, and he currently is 9-4-1 with a very respectable .931 save percentage.

    If things are more serious for Lehtonen than "lower body tightness" I don't think the Stars would hesitate to give Bachman a start and evaluate where he is development wise.

  6. Poking around, it doesn't look like Dallas is actually putting Lehtonen on injured reserve. Or at least, not yet.

    Out of total curiosity, the Mallards are unaffiliated. Was Brown previously assigned there (instead of Allen or Idaho) by Texas, or was he just picked up off the street today because he happened to be nearby?

  7. The Mallards are unaffiliated with Texas, that's right. This is a situation where they needed someone to ride the pine and they needed to be close due to time constraints. This happens a lot in the minors.

    Case in point, the Stars picked up an amateur player Joel Paprocki for a Sunday game against Houston when Krahn had the flu.


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