Mark Derlago Released; Is McCulloch Healthy?

Stars forward Mark Derlago was released from his professional tryout contract with Texas today. He will surely return to the Steelheads posthaste to help them in their efforts for a Kelly Cup.

Derlago's departure indicates that a body is coming back somewhere. While Jamie Benn is definitely getting back into the lineup tonight, it is unlikely that Gagnon or Vincour will be coming down to Texas. Gagnon has passed the waiver limit of 10 games and will incur the waiver wire when he is sent down. Dallas has really liked Vincour's play in the NHL, and I don't see him coming down either.

For me, this points to a returning player for Texas. Scott McCulloch, who has been out for the majority of the season, missing 45 games, did travel with Texas on the road trip. He was hoping for a February return, and we may just see it tomorrow night in Peoria.


  1. So what does this mean for Gagnon? Dallas likes him enough and doesn't want to lose him enough that they will keep him in Dallas for the rest of the season at higher pay?

    Does this imply he has a good outlook for an NHL contract for next year, or does it really mean he's kept up there, gets some ice time and money, then is probably sent back to the AHL after the season?


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