Re-Debuting the Playoff Projections Spreadsheet

Those of you who were around for the stretch run last year might remember my spreadsheet to track the playoff race during the last few months. I've brought it back for this season's stretch run as well. You can find it under the pages list on the right side, titled "Playoff Projections".

I've added a new category, R% diff, at the suggestion of frequent commenter @jpmtx75. It tells the story of whether a team is ahead or behind on their goal of getting to the playoffs by subtracting the team's current point percentage from their required point percentage to make 4th place. A positive number means you're ahead of where you need to be; negative means you're behind.

Remember that there are special rules around the 5th place team in the West. If the 5th place team in the West has more points than the 4th place team in the North, then they will cross over and replace them in the North Division playoffs. The crossover team can place no higher than 3rd, however, even if they have a better record, as this would eliminate home ice advantage for the 1st and 2nd place teams in the North.