Texas Stars Training Camp Opens Today

The Texas Stars open training camp today with various off-ice administrative activities. Players will have physicals and get media headshots today with the first on-ice activities happening tomorrow morning. The first practice event will be open to the public this year, starting at 10:00 AM Tuesday. Jeff Pyle and Jeff Truitt will take the ice for the first time as the Stars' new coaches.

Training camp rosters have not been released yet, but I'm sure I'll have something tomorrow on the players who are on tryouts and who is actually here. Remember that many of the players who are going to be playing for Texas this year are still in Dallas for their training camp.

Players like Brenden Dillon, Scott Glennie, Philip Larsen, Matt Fraser and Richard Bachman are going to stay in Dallas until at least next week. As every year, don't expect to recognize 95% of the names in this weekend's preseason contests. The players there are mostly going to be tryouts. I will be out at open practice tomorrow morning. More information after that.


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