Gameday Preview: Stars at San Antonio Rampage

Texas Stars
#-- West Division
atSan Antonio Rampage
#-- West Division
October 1st at 3:00 PM
Northwoods Ice Center, San Antonio, TX

As per usual, a slightly shorter preview since Texas only just played the Rampage last night. The Stars will travel to the Northwoods Ice Center, San Antonio's practice facility, to player their second of three preseason games.

Tomorrow's game should have more tryout guys in the lineup than veterans. Pyle and White are trying to determine which of the tryout players should get call-ups later in the year.

"There will be a lot of younger guys in the second game, a lot of guys who didn't play today," said Pyle. "A lot of the guys that are veterans, that were here last year, won't be in that game, so it gives us a chance to look at a lot of the young guys."

Keeping in mind that the Dallas Stars system does not have a fifth goaltender in place, Billy Sauer, who will likely play in Idaho this year, might get some time in net to evaluate his potential as that fifth option.

As a reminder for anyone travelling to the game, admission is $5 and the Rampage "Fan Fest" will be going on at Northwoods starting at 1:00 PM.