Guest Post: Taking a Stars Stats Deep Dive

Today we welcome friend of the blog and dedicated stat nerd Ross Bonander for his first of what I hope are many guest posts. Ross is a freelance writer in Austin and has written many books including "Hockey Talk - Quotations About the Great Sport of Hockey, From The Players and Coaches Who Made It Great". You can follow him on Twitter @Wolfgangus.

Today he takes a deeper dive into the Stars statistics. Please note that these stats are very hard to just 'look up' and often there is a lot of manual work involved. This is dedication right here. When I tell you that I'm an engineer by trade and some of Ross's spreadsheet frighten even me, that should tell you about his dedication to numbers.

Now 34 games into the 2011-2012 season, things look a little grim. At 15-16-1-2, our 33 points has us six points out of a playoff spot. Fortunately there's lots of hockey to go.

To that end, here are some stats.


We average 32.4 shots per game (1,101 shots)
Our opponents average 27.8 shots per game (946 shots)

We score every 10.8 shots (102 goals)
Our opponents score every 9.1 shots (104 goals)

We average 3.0 goals per game.
Our opponents average 3.1 goals per game.
No surprise then that when we score 4 or more goals, our record is 9-1. It would have been 10-0 but for the Rockford come-from-behind this past weekend.

Our Forwards score every 9.7 shots (798 shots, 72 goals)
Our Defensemen score every 15.2 shots (303 shots, 20 goals)


Most shots taken in one game: 48* [December 18 at San Antonio]
Most shots taken in one period: 21* [3rd period, October 25 at Rockford]
Fewest shots taken in a game: 25 [Three different occasions]
Fewest shots taken in a period: 1 [3rd period, December 21 at Houston]

Most shots allowed in one game: 40 [November 12 vs Abbotsford]
Most shots allowed in one period: 18 [3rd period, November 25 at Houston]
Fewest shots allowed in a game: 16* [December 17 vs Rochester]
Fewest shots allowed in a period: 1* [3rd period, December 27 vs San Antonio]

An asterisk (*) indicates a franchise record. By the way, the team record for fewest shots taken in a period is zero—the second period during the seventh game in team history, a 4-0 home loss to Lake Erie.

We have outshot the opponent 23 times. Record: 9-14
We have mustered at least 39 shots in 4 games. Record: 0-4
We have been outshot 9 times. Record: 5-4
The shots were equal in 2 games. Record: 1-1


Power Play by month:
October: 17/46 (37%)
November: 8/55 (16%)
December: 4/48 (8%)
January: 5/13 (38%)
(Overall: 21%)

Penalty Kill by month:
October: 30/40 (75%)
November: 40/46 (85%)
December: 32/35 (91%)
January: 11/15 (73%)
(Overall: 83%)

Our record is much better when our PK excels than when our PP excels:

When our penalty kill is perfect? Record: 12-7
When it's not? Record: 3-12

When we score at least 1 power play goal? Record: 8-10
When we score at least 2 power play goals? Record: 6-5
When we don't score any PP goals? Record: 7-9

When the PP scores and the PK is perfect? Record: 6-3
When the PP doesn't score and the PK allows a goal? Record: 1-5


We have scored at least one goal in all three periods in 8 games. Record: 7-1
We have allowed a goal in every period in 13 games. Record: 1-12
With two referees calling the game, our record is 8-2.

Dating back to the November home game against Houston (the Teddybear toss), a span of 19 games, we have held the opponent scoreless in the first period in just 3 of those 19 games, including goals in the last ten straight games. In 8 of those 19 games (and 5 of the last 10), we allowed 2 goals in the first period.

Already this season we've seen a few team scoring records fall, and we will likely see a few more:

New Records:
Philip Larsen's 4 assists against Peoria on October 22 broke the previous record for assists in a single game (3, held by Brad Lukowich, Greg Rallo, Dan Spang and Maxime Fortunus).

Larsen's effort also tied the team record for most points in a game (4, held by Greg Rallo). In that same game, Travis Morin scored a goal and 3 assists, adding his name to the record. On December 17, Ryan Garbutt's 2 goals and 2 assists against Rochester made the regular season single-game point record a four-way tie.

Tomas Vincour scored a goal in five straight games, from October 27 through November 6, tying the previous record held by Warren Peters.

Matt Fraser's 10-game point scoring streak (7 goals, 5 assists), from December 3 through December 29, set a franchise record, breaking Aaron Gagnon's 8-game streak (3 goals, 6 assists) set from October 23, 2009 through November 11, 2009.

Travis Morin's first assist against Houston on October 14 gave him 99 career points, passing Greg Rallo (98) atop the all-time list.

Records Ready To Fall
Most goals in one season: 27 (Aaron Gagnon)
Matt Fraser currently has 19.

Most assists in one season: 33 (Perttu Lindgren)
Travis Morin currently has 28.

Most power play goals in one season: 10 (Gagnon, Morin, Rallo)
Matt Fraser currently has 9.

Most game-winning goals all-time: 10 (Rallo)
Francis Wathier and Colton Sceviour each currently have 9.

Most insurance goals all-time: 7 (Rallo)
Francis Wathier currently has 6.

The Stars have played 96 regular season games at the CPC dating from October 3, 2009 through January 8, 2012. After all those games, the home crowd is STILL waiting for the first Texas Star to register a regular season Hat Trick at the CPC. The only Stars trick we've been treated to came off the stick of Jamie Benn in game 5 of the Division Championship series against the Chicago Wolves in 2010.

Fraser's been close three times. Garbutt and Glennie, once each.


  1. There is smoke coming out of my ears from trying to process all of the details...but expected nothing less from the mind of Mr Bonander


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