Stars Announce Four Roster Moves

(Credit: Texas Stars)
Following a five game losing skid, there's always bound to be a little bit of shakeup. Texas announced a total of four roster moves this afternoon, two of which we already knew. Texas will be subtracting three and adding just one.

First, the addition is Jake Hauswirth, coming to Texas on recall from Rio Grande Valley. Hauswirth had one assist in eleven games with Texas earlier this year. He had three assists in four games while back with the Bees.

Three subtractions also come today. The first two are PTO releases, Mike Berube and Brendan Connolly. Berube will return to Allen of the CHL while Brendan Connolly will head back to the Greenville Road Warriors. Berube was solid in his time in Texas, just five games, and set himself up to get a look in the future with Texas or another AHL club. Connolly was unable to produce while spending time on the third and fourth line but is a likely callup for an eastern conference AHL club in need of a forward. He had two assists in 12 games with Texas.

Finally, and this is the puzzling one for me, Stephen Schultz has been assigned to Idaho by Texas. The Colorado College rookie has been quite good in his 32 games of action, scoring seven goals and two assists, given the rather limited ice time he usually gets. Schultz also earns shifts on the power play thanks to being a strong right-handed shot. Idaho plays tonight at home against Alaska, but Schultz will not be in the lineup.

The Schultz move is the one that strikes the most at a shakeup. While Schultz hasn't been underperforming particularly much compared to the rest of the team, he is one of the few players in Texas that Scott White has complete autonomy over on movement. For most everyone else, Dallas has to get involved. The only other player on an AHL contract on the team is Mike Hedden.


  1. If so, and Schultz-- in whom I have a ton of confidence --is being used as a scapegoat, well that just sucks.


  2. Agree with you Ross...offense output has been lacking with the evidence in doubling up our opponent last night in shots. But to me it is the D line that needed a shake-up. They were totally mismatched last night but the worst thing I think I saw was what appeared to be lack of effort.

    on a side note - here is hoping that someone knocks some more ugly into Stortini tonight. Personally I would like it to be Gazdic or Benn

  3. Does anyone here not think the goaltending is not partly to blame? Raycroft obviously does not want to be here. You can tell by his lazyness and body language. The goals he gives up are generally weak, yet they continue to play him. If we are going to lose with regularity like we have been, you might as well give Beskorowany the time in net over a guy that's surely gone after this season.

    I don't know why Raycroft wouldn't want to come in and at least try to play lights out, in hopes of a trade offer/waiver pickup from Dallas. Maybe they told him he's not going anywhere in case Bachman and Lehtonen both get hurt. Yikes, can you imagine Besko in net for Dallas?

  4. any idea why only three transactions were announced in the news release? the AHL transaction report also only shows three of the four.


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