Texas Stars Offer Program to Lower Your Hockey League Fees

Tyler Beskorowany takes time to snap a picture with youth hockey players after a practice at the old Chaparral Ice on I-35. (Credit: Bill Harris)

The Stars have recently partnered with the Chaparral Ice to open up more ice time for the Austin hockey community. Now they are working with amateur league players, both youth and adult, to lower league fees for players.

The Stars' flyer on the program summarizes it as follows:
Every player and family in the hockey community (this means you too, Men’s League) will have an opportunity to sell tickets to the Texas Stars Regular Season Home Opener on Sunday, October 14th @ 7 P.M. A portion of each ticket you sell will go directly to paying your hockey fees this season.

In return for your efforts, not only will you get money back, but we will be hosting a huge BBQ/tailgate in the parking lot before the game. There are prizes to be won for everyone!
So, in summary, the Texas Stars are offering to help lower your or your child's hockey league fees and all you have to do is sell some tickets to the season opener.

For more informaiton on selling tickets to benefit your league fees, contact Texas Stars Account Executive Amin Elaguizy via email or phone (512.600.5007).


  1. Just follow this link to view the order form/flyer. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_c57UdTYLiUU1VXb0R1dnlQX0E/edit?pli=1

  2. Sounds great. It is really great opportunity for players living there. Every year many players don't get a chance to learn and improve their hockey skills. Lowering the fees will provide those player a chance to learn from a professional.


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