Texas Stars Expected to Name Maxime Fortunus Team Captain

(Credit: Steven Christy)

Hundred Degree Hockey has learned that the Texas Stars expect to name veteran defenseman Maxime Fortunus as the third team captain in club history this week. Fortunus, who has played for the Texas Stars since their inception, is a vet of 501 AHL games and has an additional eight NHL games under his belt, all with Dallas.

"Personally I want to be the guy that players can come to if they have a problem," said Fortunus today. "I'm not going to change my game on the ice. I'm trying to get better game by game. I want to lead by example everyday."

Fortunus noted that there's a lot of existing leadership in the room, making his job easier. "We have guys like Dillon and Fraser, on their second years, who are great leaders in the room. We have guys like Cam Barker and Toby Petersen. It's going to be a group effort."

Fortunus follows forward Landon Wilson and defenseman Brad Lukowich as the third captain in the history of the organization. Each prior captain had several hundred games of NHL experience under their belt before joining the Stars.

The 29-year old defenseman, who has spent the majority of his career in the AHL, represents a bit of departure in that regard. However, he represents a player who has been a good steady standby for the minor league side for a number of years. It's a "hiring from within", as opposed to bringing in a player specifically to serve the role of captain. That has both pros and cons in the business world and certainly in the sports world as well. It remains to be seen what it means for his leadership style.


  1. I'm interested in hearing the pro/con argument...

    1. A lot of it has to do with culture and "the way things are done" in a business environment. For example, a CEO who is from the company already is indoctrinated into that culture and understands the company. However, they might be blinded by it partly, in that they aren't thinking outside the box to garner new ideas.

      An outside hire brings in new perspectives and ideas. They might shake things up and that could be good. Also, they might ruin the company culture that made the place great in the first place because they didn't "grow up" in it.

      Apply the above to sports and you've got a basic idea of pro/con.

  2. I'm not in the locker room but from the stands i would have thought Wathier would have been the guy.

  3. This is a big surprise. I expected Watts too, and I think lots of others did. Personally I think Max is as good a pick as Watts. -Ross

  4. I suspect that Watts isn't captain because he doesn't want to be. Max is a good choice, though. He's been A for a long time.

  5. As season ticket holders from day one, my wife and I both believed that Francis showed the leadership to be the captain.

  6. Do I understand correctly that who wears the C is usually a team vote? I like Max but completely expected Watts to be the captain based on his visible leadership during games. If it's a vote, it would seem either Watts didn't want it or Max is the man behind the scenes.

  7. I think Watts should have gotten the C, 99% of the warm up before the game he always is the last player of the is at home games, he can get the team get going.


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